The Higher Power Hour - The Higher Power Hour is a Spiritually based, Recovery & Music Radio Show, featuring  the testimony of people that have reclaimed their lives from Alcoholism & Substance Abuse. Duffy's Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center located in Napa County Ca
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The Higher Power Hour
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The World Community is now smaller thanks to modern technology and The Internet. That means the ability to reach people with the message of Recovery and Spirituality can now happen at the click of a mouse, world-wide! In our own local community, our population is filled with people desperately searching for an alternative---a way cope with the challenges of life without resorting to artificial means as a substitute.  The message of Recovery and Spirituality is needed more than ever today through different mediums to cut through the constant barrage of distractions from every day life…distractions which most often trigger the person still suffering from untreated alcoholism and substance abuse.

We encourage you to check out any of our Higher Power Hour™ broadcasts for review or for any message you may have heard that inspires you! In today’s fast paced world, knowing where to go to  access the right information could mean the difference between Life and Death.

If you, someone you know, or someone in your family might benefit from being in Recovery and discovering solutions that may incorporate Spiritual Principles to heal, click any of our previous shows in the Higher Power Hour™ show archives and stream the show of your choice. Especially if you’re on the road travelling, you’ll appreciate the ability to have this interaction World Wide through the Higher Power Hour™ website.  It is a non-threatening way for people who may be looking for a way out or looking for a way in  by identifying with someone who has trusted their higher power and recovered from a hopeless state of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Please note – At this time we are only providing streams of the Higher Power Hour™ but will soon allow podcasts from our website in the near future.
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