The Higher Power Hour - The Higher Power Hour is a Spiritually based, Recovery & Music Radio Show, featuring  the testimony of people that have reclaimed their lives from Alcoholism & Substance Abuse. Duffy's Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center located in Napa County Ca
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The Higher Power Hour
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Like the many different faiths and beliefs, it is the same with music on The Higher Power Hour™. You’ll find a wide range of music styles to punctuate the testimonials of people sharing their world with us. The Higher Power Hour™ features music of all genres ranging from Rock, Soul, Pop, Gospel, Christian & Country plus Recovery Music in all of the different styles from Old School to New School.  Music is Love’s Spirit in Sound.

Many times we have heard the story of someone’s life being saved because they happened to hear words in a song that spoke to them. The Higher Power Hour™ uses the message in the music to bring forth the message of Recovery through the same delivery system that many of us are already familiar with---MUSIC. Many artists are now in recovery and know the value of staying spiritually fit not only for themselves but through the popularity of using music as a tool to reach others suffering from Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. The Higher Power Hour™ features music from a variety of Artists from the very familiar world of Song and Dance. It is Music that has played a pivotal part in our lives Pre-Recovery and now helps keep our focus Post Recovery. As you listen to the Higher Power Hour™ you will notice the familiarity of music in songs from yesterday and today, that allow us to take a close look at ourselves and gently, sometimes not so gently, prod us to move in a forward direction.  It is the only direction to go if we value the gift of life we were so freely given and now recreate with the aid of a power greater than ourselves. More than likely, you are now hearing more music that sounds mainstream in nature, but its message is one that appeals to either side of the recovery spectrum, those that are Recovered that have found a way in and those that aren’t that can find a way out, IN Recovery. There is now, a growing movement in music that no longer finds it necessary to identify with lyrics that promote drinking as a first response to avoid living life on life’s terms

After every show, The Higher Power Hour™ will be archived in a podcast. This way, the message of Recovery and Spirituality will be accessible to anyone 24 hours a day, every day of the year by downloading or streaming the podcast of their choice form the Higher Power Hour™ website. Each individual song will be available to listen to also. Sorry, no podcast downloads at this time. Please click on the link to our ‘Archives’ section for more information. For a complete list of the music played in each broadcast, please click on the ‘Featured Artists’ link. We Thank You for listening to The Higher Power Hour™
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