The Higher Power Hour - The Higher Power Hour is a Spiritually based, Recovery & Music Radio Show, featuring  the testimony of people that have reclaimed their lives from Alcoholism & Substance Abuse. Duffy's Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center located in Napa County Ca
KSRO NEWSTALK 1350 AM - Santa Rosa CA - The Home of the Higher Power Hour - Listen Sundays from 5:00 - 6:00PM (PST)
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PST)
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The Higher Power Hour
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The Higher Power Hour™ is a locally owned, Spiritually based, Recovery & Music Program, featuring the testimony of people who have reclaimed their lives from Alcoholism & Substance Abuse. Our purpose is to create an open-door platform for anyone to better understand and participate in Recovery through their own Spiritual Belief, Music & God Consciousness.

The Higher Power Hour™ program is about showcasing victories of the human spirit and each individual’s realization of certain spiritual principles they have come to believe. Each week, The Higher Power Hour™ features people from all walks of life; it doesn’t matter if they are from Yale or from Jail, Black, White or in-between. However, there is one thing in common that all of our featured speakers share: The profound revelation that some form of Higher Power was instrumental in their Recovery and so, they have come to believe in that Higher Power.

There are many paths to Recovery---freedom from Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. We see evidence of it all the time through Treatment Centers, Psychotherapy, Medical and 12 Step Fellowships. Most certainly, regarding the Spiritual or Religious aspect, we make no judgment on anyone’s belief or offer any opinion as to what we think a Higher Power should be. It is personal to the individual and the experience of each person’s relationship with their HP can most certainly cover an endless variety of subject matter as to who or what a Higher Power is. To avoid any controversy and strong opinions we let the voice of the Recovered speak for themselves.

The Higher Power Hour™ is only one vehicle that provides access to a greater platform of mainstreaming Recovery as a first response to Alcohol and Substance Abuse, with a belief in a Higher Power as the glue that holds it together. As one further defines their Higher Power, the choice as a Spiritual Seeker may be as an involved member of an established religion or one of the many 12 Step programs in your area; You may be someone who just loves to hear the Message In The Music or a person needing to share an experience through other peoples inspiring stories and encouraging words. Wherever you are on your journey, coming or going---we know you'll find your own Higher Power in The Message, The Music and You.
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